Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you REALLY a Christian?

President Obama's identity as a Christian has really been called into question. With his support for the building of a Muslim cultural center near Ground Zero, 1 in 5 Americans believe that Obama is actually a Muslim, and not a Christian. Whether he be a Muslim, Christian, Sikh, or even an atheist altogether doesn't really matter to me. But basically, America is waiting for Obama to prove that he is indeed really a Christian. Welcome to my world, Mr. President!

Nothing is more annoying to me than reading comments on my YouTube videos, blog, or getting emails from people determined to prove that I'm not really a Christian. I firmly believe that I have nothing to prove to anyone. If someone doesn't want to believe that I'm a Christian when I say I am, then that's their own prerogative. But I have to wonder, what do they actually gain by proving that I'm not Christian? It's like they're trying to find a reason to kick me out of some secret society. Last I checked, I thought the evangelical purpose of Christianity was to spread the Good News in order to increase the number of Christians worldwide. Maybe since I'm not "really" a Christian, I missed the memo that changed that.

What's my rant about... Who are we to question another person's self-identification? Are we really that righteous that we have the authority to decide whether someone is a Christian or not? We have no right whatsoever to invalidate another person's spiritual journey. So what will it take to convince us that President Obama is actually a Christian? Here's a video from Stephen Colbert for your amusement that offers up some suggestions.

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