Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back-to-School Tip of the Year: Identifying the Gay Agenda

Over at Jesus Needs New PR, Matthew Paul Turner posted and criticized a YouTube video that discussed a "useful" Back-to-School tip for parents: identifying the hidden gay agenda in your children's schools. At first I thought the video was a parody or some satirical spoof put together by The Onion. But lo and behold, it was a Focus on the Family supported video. Watch the video after the jump.

The video informs parents on ways to identify the "gay agenda" in their children's schools by looking through the library catalog to find LGBT-affirming books oriented towards a juvenile audience, being aware of diversity trainings, anti-bullying trainings, etc. Basically, their education analyst teaches parents how to censor multiculturalism and diversity from their children.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Breaking the Chains" Documentary

A year ago, three American Evangelical leaders traveled to Uganda for a conference on “the gay agenda” to speak about "alternatives" to homosexuality; in other words, to falsely teach that homosexuality is "curable" human condition.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill was proposed just a few months later in Uganda and introduced some of the harshest punishments in the world for homosexuals. The Bill calls for lifetime imprisonment of all LGBT people, death to homosexuals who are HIV-positive and prison for any Ugandan who fails to report LGBT Ugandans within 24 hours of the Bill passing.

Despite the security risks, Ugandan activists are raising the alarm about this human rights abuse. Recent Northwestern University graduate Alyssa Eisenstein traveled to Uganda this past spring to hear from these inspiring men and women. With interviews from LGBT activists, legal and political authorities, university students, village leaders and even a traditional healer, "Breaking the Chains" profiles these activists as they tell this story in their own words.

Watch the documentary after the jump.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you REALLY a Christian?

President Obama's identity as a Christian has really been called into question. With his support for the building of a Muslim cultural center near Ground Zero, 1 in 5 Americans believe that Obama is actually a Muslim, and not a Christian. Whether he be a Muslim, Christian, Sikh, or even an atheist altogether doesn't really matter to me. But basically, America is waiting for Obama to prove that he is indeed really a Christian. Welcome to my world, Mr. President!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Church of the Holy Hipsters and Gays

The September 2010 issue of Details Magazine has hit the stands with a Zac Efron cover that little gay boys all of the country are drooling over. Past the cover is a feature article titled "The New Face of Faith," that highlights an up-and-coming church in the Los Angeles: Reality LA. What sets Reality apart from other churches is its young, modern, hipster congregation, which also attracts some of Hollywood's young celebrities, including Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Joe Jonas.

In addition to the young Los Angeles hipster crowd, Reality has also attracted the gays, well the "ex-gays" that is. My perception of Reality after reading this article is that the congregation is full of a bunch of young, healthy, celibate, Hollywood fashionistas, socialistas, homosexuals, etc.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Reclaiming the "F" Word

The other day I was walking through a large crowd on my way to the pharmacy and that’s when I heard it. The one word that makes every little gay boy’s stomach knot and heart stop: “FAGGOT!” The exclamation wasn’t targeted towards me, and I’m unsure if it was it was targeted towards anyone else. With the crowd being so large, I couldn’t find the source of this anti-gay outburst.

But what I want to focus on was my physiological response to hearing someone use this word. My body pretty much entered into a “fight or flight” mode. In a sense, I felt threatened by just hearing the word. This makes me wonder though, can we ever reclaim the term “faggot” as an LGBTQ community?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reclaiming Our Aspirations

As a child I was always reminded by my teachers that I could grow up to become anything I wanted to be. I really took that to heart as I was growing up. I went through many different phases of wanting to become a lawyer, a doctor, Spanish teacher, veterinarian, Broadway actor, you name it, I probably wanted to be it at some point.

If I were to ask my 8-year-old self, even my 17-year-old self, if I could imagine being where I am today, the answer would be no. Even though I didn’t grow up to become the things I imagined, does that I mean I have to give up on those passions and dreams?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Queer Question

Justice and equality rang loudly in the state of California yesterday after Judge Walker announced that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional and thus overturned the legislation that defined marriage as being between only one man and one woman.

LGBTQs and their allies celebrated across the country, taking their joy to the streets to proclaim loudly that every person deserves the right to marry. It was a great day, not only to be a California, but definitely a great day to be queer. I definitely celebrated from my new home in Massachusetts, but as a Californian, I was more than excited and proud to be a part of the Golden State.

However the fight for marriage equality is not over. Not even in the state of California. Proponents of the marriage ban already filed an appeal and they will continue to work towards stripping same-sex couples of their right to marry one another. The fact that every Californian now has the right to marry is not good enough for Prop. 8 supporters. Therefore, they have to do whatever they can to ensure that every Californian is not treated equally.

I was taken back when I came to the realization that I stand there and celebrate Judge Walker's decision, but that decision isn't good enough. My right to be treated equally under the law is still threatened. By the mere fact that we are queer, our citizenship is called into question; thus raising "The Queer Question."